Guitar Lessons

The guitar is one of the most ancient instruments and at the same time one of the most popular contemporary instruments around the world at present. The meaning of “Guitar” is much broader than just one instrument. Under the “guitar” family falls the Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, and Electric Guitar. The variety of styles and genres that can be played on a guitar are endless. There is a lot of beautiful classical music written for guitar. Flamenco (traditional Spanish folk music) wouldn’t exist without a guitar. We wouldn’t be able to imagine country music or folk songs without a guitar. The beloved blues wouldn’t have the same impact without the sad cry of the guitar. Rock and roll, pop, rock, and metal wouldn’t be possible without the guitar.



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Guitar Lessons for kids and adults

WePlay Music is happy to offer a wide variety of Guitar courses, giving the students the opportunity to choose according to their music style preferences and interest between Classical, Acoustic, Electric, and Bass Guitar. Our highly professional, dedicated, and experienced teachers are there to help those who haven’t yet chosen which path to follow by introducing to them the different types of Guitars and the styles and genres that can be played on each of them.


WePlay Music Guitar curriculum includes mastering different techniques, music theory, notes literacy, and style awareness.

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Kids 7+ years old


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