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The Violin is one of the most popular string instruments, widely used as well in the orchestra, and as a soloing instrument. It is sophisticated and fascinating, both to look at and to listen to.

Besides the pleasure of learning the Violin, there are also many benefits, for the mind, body, and soul. It develops strength and flexibility in the upper body and improves general posture. It widens the attention span and focus, improves concentration and self-discipline, and much more.


Violin Lessons
for kids and adults

WePlay Music provide Violin lessons for beginners and advanced students. Lessons are specially designed  to engage the students in the learning process in a joyful and beneficial way and enhance their musicality. During the first lessons, the students will be acquainted with the correct posture, essentials of left-hand technique, intonation, and basic music theory. As the lessons progress the students will be introduced to the bowing techniques, guided on how to improve intonation and tone quality, and build strong sight-reading.

Upper Body

Students Age


Kids 6+ years old


Lesson Duration

30 min I 45 min I 60 min


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Individual Lessons

Intro Violin Group Class


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